Benefits Of Graffiti Team Building

November 26, 2013

Graffiti team building is one of the few creative/art team building exercises that companies conduct from time to time. Graffiti team building can be an in-office exercise or it can be conducted at an event, at a corporate retreat or any other venue that is chosen by a company. Many companies are realizing the potential benefits or rewards of graffiti team building.

Any form of creative/art team building can be enticing and here are the many benefits that you would stand to wield with graffiti team building.

It Is Unconventional & Thus, Fun

Graffiti team building is not exactly a mainstream phenomenon. It is rather unconventional and not many companies have tried it out. Many companies and their employees are not even aware of a concept or something like graffiti team building. Since it has not be used or overused, it would be a first time for most companies and their employees. It is a reality that everything that hasn’t been tried before or when someone does something for the first time, it is fun.

Graffiti team building can be extremely fun for all employees as well as for their managers and the senior management of a company, including the owners. Having fun is necessary in any team building exercise because then the people are more receptive of the values that are shared through the workshop.
It Is Engaging & Relaxing

Graffiti team building is engaging. The canvases, gazebos and other materials that are used in graffiti team building, the colors, sprays and the various types of painting tools are enticing for all and sundry. Seldom does a grown up or a professional gets the opportunity to pick up a brush, a pen or a spray paint and do anything they feel like. Not only does it bring out the child in every professional but it brings back some nostalgic moments of the past. For many reasons, some obvious and some not so obvious, graffiti team building is more engaging than a session of motivational talks or a celebrity talking to an entire auditorium filled with people.

Despite being a very active event, graffiti team building is fascinatingly relaxing. There is no rush, there is no demand, there are no rules and there is no competition. People can simply be themselves and scribble, scratch, draw or paint anything that they feel like. Graffiti team building provides the much needed break from the humdrum that is life.

It Instills Values & Brings People Together

The best lessons are often learnt through games and sports or a creative medium. Through graffiti team building, a lot of values that a company desires can be instilled in the employees. Besides, graffiti team building works wonders in bringing people together and truly building a team.